Setting stones for our final year

WOW! what a fantastic year it has been and I can honestly say I have loved every minute of it, but things are getting so real by the minute that is starting to get scary.

I'm entering in the final stage of my course. 6 weeks left and still so much to do, right now we are focus in making our final pieces for the degree show and preparing our samples for the Brochure and group photo.
So yes!!! Too much stress right now and if I stop to think about it I might start having a panic attack so I decided to focus my attention in one task at the time.

Right now I'm preparing my work for the brochure. I've got a good camera as a Christmas present last year, so I'm hoping that with time my photo skills might improve.

Since I'm not a photographer and don't have money to hire a professional one, this is revealing to be quite a challenging. No idea what I'm doing here!!!!

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