Project 4 Personal Exploration

For this project, I decided to continue exploring textures and surface patterns on Clay using my previous watercolour drawings as a reference and trace them into lino.
Since I enjoy working with hand build Clay Forms and sculptural Items I want to use this project as an experimental exercise where I explore form shapes, research techniques and colours by designing and building different Shaped Vessels inspired in Organic Forms such sea barnacles, sea weeds and corals.

Botanical marine life series

As a child I wanted to be a marine biologist. While growing up, my dreams and ambitions changed but my passion for the sea remained and that has been reflected in most of my artwork. I don't think I´m going to follow this path for much longer, but for now I want to explore it, in the best way I can. Using Ernst Haeckel old botanical drawings of seaweed, shells, coral, etc. as inspiration I´ve been creating a series of water colour drawings. I think they work really well as final product.

Multitasking....thinking of:

Porcelain inlays
Video Editing
small plates
large plates 
wall plates
sgraffito Bowls

I have to be very honest. I really hate this pieces, I don't know why but I cant identify myself with them. I´m going to use them as colour samples and back to the drawing board. I need to rethink this project.

Organic Sea Life sketching

Sketching new ideas for my ceramic patterns

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