The last Life drawing session of the year

So this are some drawing that I did In our last life drawing session.
Since is our last  session of the year, it  was a lot more open to interpretation and I found it very relaxing. Using continue line and spending less than 30 minutes in each drawing, allow me to develop a  new way of drawing and it also taught me that things don't have to be perfect. I´m actually going to miss this learning sessions

You can see more developments at my life drawing page

15 minute sketch using a fine black pen (05mm) and blue marker , pattern edited in Photoshop


Today its project 4 deadline so it's time to set all our work in the table for assessment next Monday.

I decided that my table presentation should have a botanical/marine life /naturalist look.
I must say I love the whole vibe of the space like this. Maybe it´s like a visit to the natural history museum? I don't know. Whatever it is, I like the vibe very much.
Some of my samples were displayed as jewellery prototypes. There´s  a lot of potential in it.

I also manage to frame all my illustrations and lino/tile prints and they look so professional. I´m really happy with it.
Unfortunately my plant pot vessels were still in the kiln by the time I set the table, so only be displayed next Monday during the assessment.


Sea barnacles inspired porcelain/paper clay vessels. My vessels are made of fine porcelain and paper clay and I use lino print for the patterns inside and plaster slabs for the textures outside. For colour , instead of normal glazing I use stain pigment diluted in water and splash it around each piece wile the clay was still wet to create a watercolour effect, then they were fired at 1000ºc, poured with clear glaze and then fired at 1260ºc.

Plant pot Vessels

  Here they are, out of the kiln, safelly intact and ready for glazing


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