Lino Printing on Clay

Lino printing with velvet underglaze on Porcelain. Trying to build some shape/form

Paper Maquettes

Shapes and form for my wall panels and vessels

Ideas and forms

I've been thinking on creating a series of 20 or maybe 30 vessels in black ( I haven't decided yet) with different sizes that will capture the marks and patterns of my paper clay panels.

I will start with some well made ones and finalized with a few really broken. I want them to represent a forest with nature elements and life imperfections.

I don't aim for perfect things because even my life isn't perfect. The struggles and ways of living gave me scars that will remain forever and it's what made me in what I am today. Just like life, once we understand nature beauty and its delicateness, then we will surely protect and cherish all of its forms even the imperfect ones .

I´m also consider other forms and pallets and thinking in creating some functional item with a splash of colour


Business plan done and turned in. I can't believe 30% of my degree is done! What a day to be proud of. I'm so happy.

Product Visualization

Using Photoshop to see how my panels and illustrations would look like as home decor element. I´m quite pleased so far.

Rocking my computer skills

I've been working on my business plan all day and still don´t know what I'm doing!!!

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