Ohhh I love the smell of luster in the morning

So I finally enter the final stage of my process. Applying the platinum luster. I started by washing my pieces with a dish-washing soap to remove all trace of dust or grease. Then I dry them with a soft cloth .

Using a soft brush,I applied a thin layer of the luster. I also use the thinner to help diluted the luster. It´s also very useful to clean the brush or any smudge that I might add to the piece with my sloppy hands.
Am I the only one who thinks the smell of luster thinner is so addictive!?!?! it smells so good!!!

After applying the luster , the pieces were  set on a smaller Kiln (glass kiln) and Fired at 850ÂșC (3rd fire stage).
 Like I said once, ( and I learn this by own experience)- The glaze has to be a perfect shiny glaze for it to work. Any little defect that shows on the glaze will show threefold on the luster.

I´m very pleased with the final outcome so far. Now its time to think about other shapes/and forms where I may apply this surface pattern.

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