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So today I´ve been preparing my pieces for glazing and this is not my favorite part of this hole process. It’s probably because I´m sloppy glazer and I sometimes rush through it a little more quickly than I should even though I'm obsessed with making my own recipes. sometimes I spend a hole day in the glazing room mixing recipes but the results are almost to cry for.

So to start the second firing stage firstly I start by sanding all my pieces . Since bisque dust is extremely abrasive to our lungs , I always use a mask !!!
After sanding, I wipe with a damp sponge to remove all traces of sanding dust. Use a damp sponge instead of rinsing, which should be kept to a minimum.


While preparing my glaze, it must be well mixed, so after I mixed all the ingredients together I like to sieve it at least three times to make sure that its really well mixed.

I Glaze all the interiors of my pieces first by pouring the glaze in then rolling it around for complete coverage or if the piece is shallow enough I will spray it. Them I Glaze the outside with a brush or with the spray gun.
This Photo its from an Old Stoneware Pot that I made on my second Year, In example I applied Blue and Brown Slip and after the first firing staged I glazed it with a Shinny Clear Glaze. I was very happy with the final outcome

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