Assessment, assessment, assessment!!!

So my mid-term review its finally here and its assessment day, scary!!!!hum not much but its nerve wrecking.
So Far I can say that I have a good drawing/sketch exploration in my sketchbooks that could work as a product it self.
I tried to take control of the materials that I used to get the best results. The slip and glaze testing has contributed to the success of this work. My Paper Clay recipes worked really well, I documented processes and backed up with supporting samples.

I think that as a group my panels are cohesive and the lustre certainly adds something to the overall effect.
The work is still under development and hasn't moved much from the early to mid-stage with some interesting experimentation and potential. My work needs to be more refined due in time to become  more mature ( is this even a  correct sentence!!!)

So at this stage, since my work its not yet complete, for me its more about the process and not the finish piece per se (ahh look at me!!! Using  Latin words and everything).
The colour pallet that a choose its not everyone preference and its a shame that my clear glaze isn't compatible with the purple lustre. Different temperatures need to be consider for further investigation

 What kind of object could a I make through this process. Would it be functional?! Decorative!! Both or just Abstract.I see great potential in exploring this patterns and marks further I need to start think about shapes and forms..

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