Platinum is my bling

I wanted to try to give a little bit more glamour to my samples so I decided to try add some metallic lustres to the high spots. 

Platinum lustre, comes in a dark, viscous liquid which is painted onto the fired piece. The pot is then fired again to about 850º C and the liquid is burned off, leaving a very thin layer of platinum behind. I can say that this It's expensive to buy.

I also purchase a purple and amber lustre and a thinner to help ideal for thinning and cleaning spills and brushes. I had some issues with the purple lustre since it didn't brighten up enough. So during my research I realized that this lustre its not compatible with my clear glaze. I made this clear glaze specially for this paper clay panels. I wanted a semi-mate clear glaze just to give a touch of shine on my pieces but since its not shine enough the purple lustre doesn't work very well. so I need to rethink the recipe or use a ready made clear glaze.

This one has Platinum and purple lustre, it looks really pretty, the photo doesn’t really do it justice.

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