It´s good to be back!!!

Where does the time go? One minute you’re excitedly starting our first Uni year and in a blink of an eye Third year finally arrived!!! I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging more, too much time working over the summer and enjoying the outdoors, and now I’m furiously working on whatever has currently captured my attention. I have some new ideas that I want to explore this year, I want to be inspired by life around me instead of trying to reach targets and meet expectations with materials. I want to get into an idea and explore it the best way I can, explore, develop, expand and get excited about all the new things I discover along the way. I also want to try to explore my illustrations  using ceramics as my main medium since it has been a true love of mine for over past four years. Being able to manipulate clay into new forms is such a beautiful way to express yourself. So now It’s time to let the exploring begin.

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